Funeral homes help in policy dispute

Several funeral homes and chapels are working with Mid-Southerners who have found themselves in the middle of a pre-paid policy dispute.  Nearly 13,000 Mid-Southerners learned last week they will have to pay extra money to bury their loved ones, even after buying policies years ago from Forest Hill Funeral Home.

Dolores Pitt and her son Arthur came to High Point Funeral Chapel looking for answers.  High Point and other funeral homes are counseling families who have burial policies from what is now Forest Hill Funeral Home.

The Pitts have two policies, that they say cost $1,500 each.  Because the principal amount was put in a trust, until a few years ago, Delores Pitt paid taxes on the interest.

"They just told me that, the explanation, that they just don't do it anymore, " Pitt said.  So they've taken my interest over the last 15 years.  They've been using it, and I haven't used it."

As she suspected back then, it looks like her policy is useless, and she is helpless to get another.

Even if you're burial policy isn't from Forest Hill, funeral experts say you should have someone check it out to see exactly what's covered. High Point's David Keller said you should be fine if you've purchased burial insurance.

"You can take that investment anywhere," he said. "Its an insurance policy; a whole life policy. It locks the price of the funeral. It locks the money in a safe place where its earning interest.
Before she can buy burial insurance, Dolores Pitt needs her money back.
She's not sure that she'll ever get it.