Operation Blue Crush building burglarized multiple times

Tuesday, Memphis Police said burglars are targeting buildings in downtown and midtown Memphis.  No building is safe in this latest crime spree, and even Operation Blue Crush is now a victim.

Wooden planks still cover windows at the Criminology Research Center on Jefferson, where the University of Memphis keeps statistics on Operation Blue Crush.

"There's been a few burglaries in that area during that time frame that we're working on," Memphis Police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins said.

During the last month, Memphis Police report 27 burglaries and 67 thefts within a one-mile radius of the building.  According to police reports, burglars hit the criminology building three times in June.

At one point, someone broke the glass windows on the ground floor and made their way to the 4th floor, where police house some of the Blue Crush data.  Once inside, police said the thieves took electronic equipment, like laptop computers and digital cameras. The thieves did not take any information relating to Operation Blue Crush.
Police do not believe the office was targeted for its subject matter, but instead for its location.

"There's a lot of attention brought to it because of the center for criminology research but aside from that, it's a burglary investigation and burglary's doing a fine job of investigating it," Higgins said.

Officials say even if some of the Operation Blue Crush data did get into the wrong hands, there is nothing in the Jefferson office that would compromise investigations.