Word of arrested official spreads quickly through West Memphis

Word of the arrest of county official Jack Moten spread quickly through West Memphis Wednesday.  Moten was scheduled to appear in a West Memphis courtroom, after spending the night behind bars.

A preacher and Crittenden County Quorum Court member, Moten faces charges of video voyeurism against a minor and identity theft.  Many people who lived in Moten's district said they liked him despite his legal problems.

Meanwhile, West Memphis Mayor Bill Johnson, who would not appear on camera, said Moten was fired from his job as Head of Sanitation for West Memphis last year.  Johnson would not given a reason for the firing.

West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert said his officers arrested Moten after his wife filed a complaint.  "She had found a camera in the bedroom of her house, and actually brought the camera to us," he said.

West Memphis Police charged Moten with video voyeurism involving a 14-year-old girl.  Officials said Moten also had a warrant from the Memphis Police Department on an unrelated identity theft charge.

In his apperance Wednesday, bond was set for Moten at $35,000.