Class action lawsuits prepared against Forest Hill

Forest Hill Funeral Home and its owner, Clayton Smart, trigger the same reaction from a lot people.

"You couldn't put on the air what I think of him, so I'll just say I think he's a crook!" says Thomas Pharr.

"You just really would like to poke the man in the nose," says his wife Nancy Pharr.

"I told somebody if they'd shoot him, I'd dig his grave with my fingers to have him pushed in," says Milton Hughes.

Hughes, along with Mr. And Mrs. Pharr say they laugh to keep from crying.  They are among some 13,000 people who bought pre-paid burial policies from Forest Hill that are no longer being honored.

"They said if you buy one in the future, make sure you know and trust them," says Hughes.  "Hey man, I trusted these people," he adds.

Policy holders hope a lawsuit filed this week will mean relief.  The class action complaint was filed on behalf of two of them.  Attorney Kevin Snider is filing a second suit.

"This business engaged in what are called unfair and deceptive trade practices by essentially not giving what they promised," Snider said.

He anticipates several more suits.  All of them might be consolidated down the road.  All policy holders could be a part of any eventual settlement.

"The bottom line of all these cases are going to be virtually the same," Snider said.  "These people got a raw deal," he adds.

It's a deal a lot of people never thought they'd spend their golden years grieving over.

Action News 5 tried to get a response to the legal action from Forest Hill.  An employee told us "no comment."