Officers recover after major accident

We have new details were released Friday about a crash that sent two Memphis police officers to the hospital.

The injured officers are a 5-year veteran and a rookie with just TEN days on the job....Friday the veteran was released from the hospital, but her partner was still in the hospital after a harrowing night on the streets.

Veteran training officer Stacey Thomas and rookie Diane Curry were responding to another officer's call for help when they found themselves in serious trouble.

It all started with Linda Himelwright getting carjacked in her driveway...

"He said you need to get back  then I noticed he had a gun," Himelwright said.

She ran to a neighbors house and called 9-1-1...a nearby officer soon spotted the stolen van and called for back-up.

Police say Officers Thomas and Curry were headed to the scene, blue lights and sirens on, when another driver suddenly stopped in front of them.

"They were probably befuddled by the blue lights and sirens and just didn't realize the needed to pull over , they just hit the brakes stopped causing the officers to take evasive action," Memphis Police spokesman Sergeant Vince Higgins said.

Officer Thomas lost control of the car, hit a curb, and the vehicle went airborne before hitting a tree.

Both officers were trapped in the wreckage before being rushed to the MED.

Thomas was released Friday with a broken arm.  Curry is still in the hospital with several broken bones in her lower body.

So far no charges have been filed against the driver of the car involved in the accident with the officers.  The carjacker remains on the loose.