Action News Five wages war on crime

The war on crime wages on Saturday.

That's when Action News 5 joins the front lines in a program to get unwanted guns off the streets.
DeeJay Earl Augustus says listeners are burning up the phone lines at Soul Classics 103.5 to find out how to turn in their guns.  "We've gotten more than we thought we would and especially with all of the murders that have been happening in Memphis recently, this is something that we feel very strongly about," he said.
The radio station is teaming with Action News 5 and the Memphis Police Department to host Saturday's gun turn-in at the Pyramid.
Police say there are many reasons people get rid of their guns.

"Some people have small children and they may have concerns, or their spouse may have concerns of the availability of weapon in a house and they can turn it in," said Lieutenant Michael Rallings.

He says the guns people turn in must be unloaded, inside a bag or other type of container and that the ammunition must be placed in a separate container.
City Councilman Myron Lowery says gun turn-in programs have been a crucial tool in the war on crime.  "Any time you get one gun off the street and you bring attention to the need of reducing gun violence and getting rid of guns, that is a successful program," he said.
Augustus says it's about helping and not targeting the community.  "Our main concern is to get people to turn in their guns.  To get the guns off the streets," he said.
Police will get your name, address and gun serial number.

However, police say no one has ever been prosecuted in any Memphis Police gun turn-in. 
For those who shave guns, police say the keys to safety are storing your gun safely, using a gun lock, and keeping your ammunition separate from your gun.
Action News 5, Soul Classics 103.5 and Memphis Police will be on hand for the gun turn-in at the Pyramid Saturday from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. Saturday to answer any questions you have.