Local attorney says candidates are unqualified

You've seen their signs.  But Memphis attorney Richard Fields says too many candidates are unqualified.

"Some of these people I know," says Fields.  "They're friendly, but they really ought to be ashamed of themselves," he adds.

Fields feels so strongly, he addressed a letter to three thousand of his colleagues.  Nearly a dozen pages point out perceived problems with certain candidates, most of them in judicial races.  Circuit Court candidate Curtis Johnson is one of them.

"This campaign is not run to please one man," says Johnson.  "We're going vote by vote, person by person, talking to everybody in this county," he adds.

Fields says this has nothing to do with politics.  He's a prominent Democrat, as are many of the candidates he's criticizing.

Candidates like Carlee McCullough.  Among other things, Fields claims she has no trial experience in Chancery Court.  She's running for judge.  Over the phone, McCullough told Reporter Jason Miles "I do not want to respond to a letter such as this."

Fields knew he'd ruffle some feathers with the letter.

"You know, it doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican, you got to be competent," says Fields.  "And people deserve competent judges," he adds.

He hopes state law will one day require stricter standards for all judges.  Meantime, he says he will try and keep those he sees as unqualified from getting elected.