Memphis Police collect guns at Saturday turn-in

They arrived in all shapes and sizes.  Handguns, shot guns, old and new. Guns and ammunition, off the streets for good.

Police officials said the gun turn in program Saturday at the Pyramid was an efficient way for the MPD to collect an arsenal that might otherwise be used against them, or other citizens.

"Our job becomes tougher the more guns that are out there, especially the guns that we don't know about," Said Lt. James Rudolph.

Given the recent rise in the crime rate that's something crime fighters can't leave to chance. Chester Green went in with a shot gun and came out with a gift certificate.  "I decided to bring my gun down here since it was no more in use rather than fall into the wrong hands that's the reason I brought it down here," Green said.

James Chechings was ready to part with a few pistols handed down by older family members.  "This is something I've wanted to do for a while but each time I missed the deadline so I was determined this time to get them out of my possession," he said.

Police say in time the guns will be destroyed, the metal recycled.

"They may have guns that are inoperable or they have small children in their house, and they just want the guns out of their house," Rudolph said.

Whatever the reason, police officials said programs like these give citizens an opportunity to dispose of a weapon, and be sure know it won't be used to commit a crime.

The guns collected at Saturday's turn-in will be cataloged and destroyed.  Police said if you have a gun in your home, keep it stored in a safe place, use a gun lock, and store the ammunition seperate from the gun itself.