Ophelia Ford's lawsuits continue without her

The State Attorney General's office filed a statement today asking that Ophelia Ford's federal lawsuit be thrown out.

But the lawyer who brought the case says he's holding on, no matter how long it takes.

When Ophelia Ford was ousted by senate vote in April, she vowed it wasn't over.  And now, three months later, her lawyer is still arguing two lawsuits he filed against the Tennessee State Senate and local officials, even though Ford's would-be term is nearly over and even though she's running to win the District 29 senate seat again in the August primary.

"It never really was about Ophelia Ford," Cocke says.  "It was in a political sense but the lawsuit was on behalf of citizens."

Lawyer David Cocke says the Senate never should have been able to throw out one of their own.

Senators represented by the state attorney general filed a statement this week, saying the senate is immune from court oversight.

Meanwhile - Ford is out of it.  Elected to replace her brother John Ford after his bribery indictment and resignation last year, Ophelia Ford then claimed a 13 vote victory.  But a committee of senators decided the votes weren't valid and the full senate voted her out.

"We want to send a clear message that nobody's above the law including the state senate," says Cocke.

For his part, Cocke says he still hasn't been paid a dime.  If he wins the Ford-related lawsuits, he says he will ask the state to pay his attorney's fees, somewhere between fifty and one-hundred thousand dollars.

Cocke is still fighting an appeal from the senate on his first lawsuit.  His second suit over this is scheduled to go to trial October 23rd.