Locals react to mid-afternoon jewelry heist

On the hottest day of the year, Memphis police were hot on the trail of two armed robbers who hit Friedman's Jewelers in Raleigh.

Jacqueline Reed says, "She was just hysterical and screaming."

Jacqueline Reed's daughter was working inside the store when Police say two men ran in, ordered Reed's daughter and the store manager into a backroom then bound them.

Reed continues, "They said that my daughter had been tied with duct tape by the hands, bound by the hands and mouth tape wrapped around her head."

Police say the two suspects took off with a large amount of jewelry.

Police tell Action News Five while the two robbers were still inside, some how the two employees were able to free themselves one ran to that dental office next door."

Cindi Johnson heard her pounding on the back door crying for help.

Johnson says "I was petrified.  We thought maybe her attacker was after her.  We didn't know she'd been robbed or anything, we just thought maybe somebody was after her so locked the door to keep her safe."

Minutes after the call to 9-1-1, Memphis police found the robber's getaway car and much of the jewelry abandoned on Covington Pike near I-40.
This is exclusive video of police arresting one of the suspects found in some nearby woods.
And as police combed the store for evidence, Reed's mother waited for her daughter.

Reed says, "She's OK.  She's really rattled, but she's really startled.  She's kind of lethargic right now."

Taking a moment to breath after a Hollywood-like heist.