Memphis family reacts to Lebanese bombings

Basman Basma is a worried man. His wife and children are in Lebanon visiting relatives.

Basma says, "I was talking to my wife on the phone and I could hear bombs going off all around."

He said what is happening now in his homeland is more devastating than the fighting in the early 1980's.

"They are bombing innocent people..17 people in a building next to my home died."

Basma says the roads and bridges are blown up destroying the infrastructure in Lebanon.
He and his family have lived in Memphis for more than 20 years. They are American citizens.  He says the U.S. Government isn't doing enough to get his family and other U.S. Citizens out of Lebanon.

Basma continues, "They are not helping. I called the U.S. Embassy and they cannot help."

For now Basma is just praying his family gets out of Lebanon and back to Memphis safely.