New meetings planned in funeral home controversy

Weeks after Forest Hill Funeral Home announced problems with some pre-paid funerals,  Aubrey Fowinkle and his wife are still trying to find out what it means to them.

"The people up there won't give you any answers," Fowinkle said. "They won't answer the phone most of the time."
So Mr. Fowinkle and his wife came to Bartlett Funeral Home to find out the latest on Forest Hill controversy.  Al Tacker, owner of the Bartlett Funeral Home, calls himself a consumer advocate.  He's trying to follow the Forest Hill paper trail.

"By law you can ask for those reports and they have to give them to you," Tacker said, "and we were trying to follow the trail, because we can't get real good answers out of anybody about what's going on, so we're doing it ourselves."
Tacker said he'll reveal what he found out about the money at meetings similar on Thursday.  At least one attorney filing a class action suit will be there.  Tacker offered advice for consumers caught up in the mess.

"Don't do anything," he said. "Let's wait and find out what we can do, what our remedies, are because if you change, or transfer, or do anything, you're out, and you've lost not only once but maybe twice."
Fowinkle said losing more money is not an option.

"If I passed away today, I don't know what I'd do, but go down there and give them $4,000."  He hopes the controversy will be resolved before he has to make that decision.

There will be two meetings Thursday to further inform Forest Hill customers about possible legal remedies, getting their money back, and what they should do right now.

The meetings will be held at Broadmoore Baptist Church at 11am and 7pm.