Crime Tracker: Memphis center aids in intervention

"The best thing to do is go now 'cause if you wait it gets worse."
They sit in circles and role play, practicing the art of convincing an addict to get help.

"...Now I'm getting pushed on and pressed on and I just feel like I need to get out of here."
He's not an addict---just playing one for several counselors from alcohol and drug treatment centers across America.

The group came to Foundations Associates, the former home of Methodist Outreach, on Lamar this week to learn the latest approach to intervention.

Rob Waggener with Foundations Associates says, "...This isn't just saying I love you, please go get help. This is a highly sophisticated planning process targeted around the individual."

"I guess we'll go if we go today. Why do we have to go today? We have a bed open that Mom has taken care of getting for you. It might not be open Friday."
Bill Maher of Richmond, Virginia has helped facilitate 2-thousand interventions.

Maher continues, "...I always have families envision their addict walking into a room in a suit or armour. And that's their denial. And no matter what else we do, what I ask the families is to try and be aware that what we want to do is open up the breastplate of that armour, reach in and touch their heart and tell them that we love you, we're losing you and we want you back."
The method they practiced this week is less about confronting addicts and more about inviting them respectfully to clean up their act.

"...We can get started now. Alright," continues Maher.