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Residents have hot day after air conditioning falters

It's a scene you don't see very often: Residents of Highland Towers, many with health problems, sitting outside during a sweltering day.

Residents of the building emailed Action News 5 complaining that their air conditioning wasn't working. 

"This morning I got out of there because it is so hot in there," said resident Jean Fair. "I've hot health problems."

Some residents complained because their air went out Wednesday night.  Others simply left to try to find a cool play.  The maintenance supervisor of the building, Alonzo Cox, said he was trying to fix the problem.

"We have a vendor and he will be out here to try to resolve the problem," Cox said. "It went out last night about 1:00."

The repair couldn't come fast enough for the very hot residents of the building.  Officials with Highland Tower reported Thursday afternoon that air conditioner repairs had been completed at the building.

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