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Police bust violent Memphis gang members

Police call them some of the most violent gang members in Memphis.

"Do you understand what we're dealing with here?" asks MPD Director Larry Godwin.

Dozens wanted for dealing in drugs, guns, and a lot of money were rounded up Thursday morning.  Nearly 30 suspects were yanked out of their homes and locked up by undercover cops.  They know these arrests won't be the last.

"We are in a war," says Shelby County D.A. Bill Gibbons.

Obviously, law enforcement officials believe operations like this do a lot of good.  They just hope gang members get the message rather than the itch to move up.

"They go in and regroup," says Major Carolyn Jackson with the Organized Crime Unit.  "They say the police department has done this, now what are we going to do?" she adds.

Things could get more violent as gang members jocky for power while their leaders sit in jail.  But police will be watching.

"The undercover operation will go on and on and on," says Jackson.  "They don't know if they're dealing with another gang member or a police officer," she adds.

Meantime, police say gang members have a choice.

"You either going to die, you're going to jail, or reform yourself," says Godwin.  "I'd like to think the latter," he adds.

Those arrested Thursday will have to think about their next move behind bars.

They have approximately 100 prior felonies among them ranging from attempted first degree murder to attempted child rape.  Some are facing 15 years to life.

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