Stabbing victim shares harrowing story

"I'm in a lot of pain," explained Justin Murchison.  He's Elartrice Ingram's supervisor at Schnucks.  Just hours after being stabbed, he was out of the hospital.

"I've got 25 staples in my head and I've got five stitches in my arm," he explained. Murchison shared his story with Action News 5 because says he wants the truth to be told.

Murchison says he was standing in customer service when people began screaming and running out the store.  He followed and so did Ingram, also known to his coworkers as Marcel.

"At that time, I saw Marcel start running at me with a butcher knife," he said.

Murchison took off running again, but he has a back injury.

"I just could not run anymore and I knew I was gonna have to stop and fight for my life," Murchison said.

He says Ingram didn't say a word before or during his attack.  Ingram began stabbing him in the parking lot and may not have stopped until a good Samaritan stepped in.

"He came out to stop the guy with a gun and that's the only reason I'm alive today," he explained.

Murchison says the memories will not fade fast.

"It's something that when you go to sleep at night that's not just gonna go away.  You're gonna dream about it,"  he said.

He doesn't know if he has it in him to return to the place where he had a brush with death.

"Am I gonna be able to go back to work, am I gonna feel safe there?  I have bills to pay," he said.

Murchison says he won't let the tragedy stop him.