Schnucks employees shocked after stabbing spree

Elartrice Ingram (courtesy Memphis Police Department)
Elartrice Ingram (courtesy Memphis Police Department)

The shocking news of this stabbing spree had spread to all Schnuck's employees by the end of the day.

"Very scary," says Porschea Bennett.

Both Bennett and her boyfriend work at the Schnuck's on Highway 64.  He was inside the store when employee Elartrice Ingram allegedly attacked eight co-workers Friday morning.

"I'm glad I wasn't here because I didn't want to get stabbed or anything," says Bennett.

Police say Ingram was dropped off at the store around 9:00 am.  Minutes later, they say he went on a rampage, armed with two knives.  Customer Bill Randolph was at the deli counter at the time.

"He immediately ran to one of the girls and stabbed her right down through the shoulder," says Randolph.

Co-workers say blood was all over the floor.  It was all over witnesses too.

Ingram himself was taken to The MED after complaining of chest pains.  Nobody knows why he may have snapped.

But despite earlier information, he had not been fired from the store.  I went to his parents house to ask about Ingram.

The only response was from sheriff's deputies who were called to run us off.  We have learned that Ingram attended MTSU and apparently made the Dean's List last year.  Co-workers say he'd worked at Schnuck's for the past three months.

He was charged Friday with nine counts of attempted first degree murder.