Man accused of abducting, shooting six-year-old appears in court - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Man accused of abducting, shooting six-year-old appears in court

Michael Pruitt walked into a Marshall County courtroom Monday morning with his head down and no family present.
A judge read three charges against him, which included kidnapping, aggravated assault, and sexual battery.

Prosecutors said Pruitt kidnapped a six year old girl, assaulted her, shot her in the head. and left her for dead.  Pruitt's attorney entered a not guilty plea.

Jason Reaves also appeared in court, charged as an accessory to all of Michael Pruitt's charges.  Investigators said Reaves and Pruitt are friends and said Reaves withheld information about Pruitt and tampered with evidence.

"He in-fact moved that weapon from one location to another and again did not report that to authorities," said Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, "Whether he had knowledge of the weapon being used or not, common sense should have told him, 'Hey I need to report this.'"

Reave's mother, Jonnie Collins, defended her son.  "He didn't do nothing," she said. "He's just guilty of being friends with the guy who did."

Pruit will appear in court again Thursday for a bond hearing.  Prosecutors are expected to argue against any bond suggested for Pruitt.

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