Oklahoma sex offender captured by FBI sting

A convicted sex offender from Oklahoma has been captured in an FBI sting.  According to the FBI, David Tobe Keith, a father with children of his own, was taken into custody after coming to Memphis to have sex with a person he believed was a 13-year-old girl that he met online.

FBI agent Dallas Dallosta would not comment specifically on Keith's case, but said many child predators share the same characteristics.  "They are very driven," she said. "They are going to do anything they can for the opportunity to get to that child."

According to court records, Keith walked into an FBI snare.  He believed he was communicating online with a 13-year-old female through email and chat rooms, using the Yahoo screen name "psycko_dtk3."  Keith said he came to Memphis for the purpose of having sex, even telling the agent posing as the 13-year-old that he was aware that by meeting her he was "breaking several state and federal laws."

Keith is not a stranger to the legal system.  He was convicted in Oklahoma three years ago of possession of child pornography and lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child.

Dallosta said pursuing offenders like Keith is a constant battle.  "We arrest sex offenders," she said.  "They tell us the whole way driving here they felt they were being set up, but they still come because there is a chance that there really was a child."

Dallosta said the average person doesn't realize how many sex offenders like Keith are out there. He is scheduled to appear at a bond hearing Thursday morning in federal court.