Mother speaks out about son's involvement in abduction; shooting

Jason Reaves
Jason Reaves

The mother of Jason Reaves, charged as an accessory after the fact in the shooting of a 6 year-old Mississippi girl, spoke out Tuesday about her son's involvement.

In an interview with Action News 5, Jonnie Collins said her son is guilty of lying to help a friend in trouble.  "He wouldn't have done nothing to hurt a child," she said.

Jason Reaves cried in court Monday as he was charged with being an accessory after the fact to the kidnapping and assault of the 6 year-old girl.  Collins said Michael Pruitt asked Reaves to lie and say he was with Pruitt the night the girl disappeared, but said Pruitt didn't tell Reaves why he needed an alibi.

"He wouldn't tell a lie like that, to cover up something like that, for nothing," she said.

Collins said Reaves became more involved when he found a gun and hid it.  "He tried to make the wrong that he told, and the wrong that he did, right by telling them (police) where it was at."

Collins stressed that Jason, a father himself, was horrified by the crime his friend is accused of committing.  "He never knew someone he'd been friends with all of these years was capable of doing something so bad," she said.

While Collins is praying for her son, she said she is also praying for the little girl to make a full recovery.