Southwind Realty: With You All The Way Home

At Southwind Realty, teamwork is an everyday approach and vital characteristic in addressing each real estate venture.

A distinctive quality of a strong team is positive attitude, and Southwind Realty possesses nothing short of that. Client's needs are immediately embraced by professional and credentialed agents and their personal enthusiasm enables clients from every walk of life to feel confident that their real estate goals will be achieved.

The Southwind team is diverse when it comes to specialization; they exercise this to the utmost advantage by pairing client needs and expectations with corresponding agent expertise. These agent-customer teams not only make the complex process more comfortable but it is also a sure way to maximize customer satisfaction while producing a successful home selling or buying transaction. When a customer chooses Southwind Realty to handle their real estate needs, that client gets more than just one agent working on their behalf - they get a staff of agents working on their behalf.

The group of agents at Southwind Realty is more than just individual agents working independently under the umbrella of an agency name.  They are a team of unique and intelligent individuals, bouncing new ideas and sharing knowledge with each other every day. The team joins for monthly extensive training meetings where they focus on varying topics. From brainstorming sessions, to guest speakers, to discussion of current updates in today's real estate, Southwind Realty utilizes strategic team-building to enhance service for their clients.

An innovative and productive ownership system has played a key role in their success. Originally a real estate holding company incorporated in 2002, Thornton Company, LLC developed into an independent brokerage firm and achieved state licensing in 2004.  Partnering with two additional experienced realtors, the shareholders voted to implement a name change in January 2005 when Southwind Realty, LLC opened its doors.  The name change is significant.  It reflects an adopted business management style of having not one, but three equal partners, each called a "Managing Partner".  The partners believe this tri-management system better delivers their intended quality of service.  The Southwind Realty goal is to have multiple agency locations, spreading Southwind Realty across the Mid-South.

Southwind Realty has a brand new tagline, which reads "With you all the way home". Clients can rest assured that there is not just one agent working for you, but the entire team performing with you. Through strong agency/client pairings, unity within their own agency, and guided by a strong partnering team, Southwind Realty knows that teamwork is what delivers a successful real estate transaction.