Authorities single out apartment complex as crime nuisance

The Pepper Tree Apartments in Memphis were at the center of the war on crime Thursday, as law enforcement authorities singled out the complex as the biggest crime nuisance in Memphis.
Thursday, law enforcement officials announced that under a new nuisance law, owners of the complex will have 60 days to make changes, including the installation of fencing in the complex, controlling who enters, and installing better lighting.

Officials with the Memphis Police Department said they visit the complex nearly every day of the year, sometimes three or four times a day.

"In the past year, we've had 60 aggravated assaults, 2 homicides, and more than one rape," said Dewey Betts of the Memphis Police Department. "It's an environment there that is conducive to crime."
The Action News 5 archives are full of previous crime stories covered at the complex.  11 year-old Michael Shaw said he heard gunshots in the complex Tuesday night.  "They told both of us to get up and run," he said. "They were shooting at police."
Management at the complex would not comment on the announcement, but under the new state law, owners will have to answer to authorities why the complex is so riddled with crime.