Mitchell-Ford ordered to spend weekend in jail

Tamara Mitchell Ford found herself in the hot seat Friday at a court hearing concerning a recent probation violation.

"When you mess up, you have to ride the 'mess up horse,'" quipped Judge Arnold Bennett during the hearing.

For this latest mess up, Bennett sent Ford to jail for the weekend.

Ford was in court because she didn't tell her probation officer how to get into contact with her, missed a report date, and refused to take a breathalyzer when she showed up to transfer her probation to South Carolina.

During the hearing, Judge Bennett expressed worry that Mitchell-Ford cannot control her anger and alcohol problems.  He said he was concerned about the way Ford treated a probation officer that was different than the one assigned to her.

"Because you thought she wasn't your probation officer, that gave you the right to just stand up and storm out of the room?" Bennett asked, referring to the time ford refused a breathalyzer.

"No, it did not give me the right," Mitchell-Ford replied.  "It was extremely rude what I did."

In the end, Bennett sent Mitchell-Ford to jail for the weekend.  "You let that attitude come back, and then you'll have to face it," he said.

Outside the courtroom, neither Mitchell-Ford, nor her embattled ex-husband, former State Senator John Ford, would comment about the hearing.

Ford was required to report to Jail East by 5:00pm Friday.