Firefighters discover gruesome scene in Frayser

A crowd gathered as police scoured the scene at Sharon & Cliffdale.  People were surprised a gruesome discovery was made so close to home.

"It terrifies me for them to find two bodies this close to where I live," says Betty Buggs.

She's lived in this Frayser neighborhood since the early 1980's.

"And nothing like this has never happened," says Buggs.

Details are sketchy about what exactly happened.  We do know that firefighters first arrived to put out a burning pick-up truck.

"After extinguishing that fire, they discovered the bodies of two individuals inside of there," says Lt. Toney Armstrong of Memphis Homicide.

Police say a man was lying in the bed of the truck.  A woman was found behind the driver's seat.  A cause of death could not be determined.

"Both bodies were damaged during the fire," says Armstrong.

People took a closer look at where the truck sat once the pick-up was loaded up and towed away.  Their curiosity piqued by what could be the city's two latest murders.

"We've talked to quite a bit of people," says Lt. Armstrong.  "Still have some we need to talk to," he adds.  "Still gathering information."

Establishing a time-line is the first order of business.  When did the truck get here?  When did the fire start?  And exactly how and by whom were these two people killed?

The truck was taken to the Regional Forensics Center.  That's where the bodies were removed.  Neither has been identified.