FedEx Jet Draws Crowd

Onlookers camped out outside Memphis International Airport Saturday to try and get a glimpse of the Boeing MD-10 that caught fire just after it landed Friday afternoon.

Cranes were moved out to the tarmac to help being the slow task of moving the plane off the runway. The FedEx jet is blocking one of four runways at Memphis International. The NTSB held a briefing Saturday and Action News 5 was the only television station to attend. Investigators say there is still some freight left on the plane and it's too delicate to move. Some freight was removed in order to get packages to customers. Others will have to wait. The National Transportation Safety Board hopes to have the plane moved as soon as possible. "The Airport Authority, contractors and FedEx will be able to begin moving the airplane tonight," said the NTSB's Bill English. "It's a very slow process. There is still some fuel, some inflated tires, some hazards there."

Friday morning the landing gear collapsed on the FedEx jet as it was coming in from Seattle. The FAA says sparks from the plane set the grass on fire and sent a plume of smoke into the air. The jet landed safely. No one was hurt.