Neighborhood experiences power outage during scorching heat

Problems at an MLGW substation Monday caused the second power outage in as many days for East Memphis residents.

When Sarah Wood's electricity went off Sunday, she was afraid.  Wood is confined to her bed with health problems, and heat can make her condition worse.

"I just thought it was terrible.  I knew I couldn't make it without it," Wood said of her air conditioning.  "I didn't know what I was going to do."

Her son, Cecil Sutton, said he would have to move his mother to another location during a prolonged power outage.  "We were going to transport her to the hospital," he said.

Monday, for the second day in a row, power went off for residents in East Memphis, due to a problem at a substation on Murray near Cresthaven.  The outage followed a similar situation Sunday caused by a grassfire.

MLGW spokesperson Chris Stanley said an equipment failure caused Monday's outage.  "We had to make sure how we re-routed power," he said, "to make sure we don't overload the system and put a bigger burden on the system, and cause a bigger power outage."

Sarah Wood said she just wanted her power back on.  "I'd tell them to get it fixed," she said.

MLGW restored power to the neighborhood by late Monday afternoon.  A cause for Monday's outage was not immediately clear.