Parents say singing frog's lyrics are too much for kids

Frogz, singing toy frogs sold at local Wal-Mart stores, were at the center of a lyrical controversy Monday.

Song lyrics, sung by one model of the singing frog, read, "Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.  Another frog sings, "I'll take you to the candy shop.  I'll let you lick the lollypop."

The double entendre disgusted one Action News 5 viewer so much, she sent a complaint to Wal-Mart, saying, "Are you kidding me???  Why in the world is this toy marketed in the toy department?  I am not an advocate of censorship, but I do expect a company to exhibit some sort of taste and decency when it comes to children's toys."

When Action News 5's Brooke Sanders showed the Frogz toy to other mothers Monday, they were shocked.  Lisa Settle, the mother of a small child, said she supports free commerce, but thinks the Frogz shouldn't be in the toy isle.

"This isn't something that will attract a teenager," she said.  "I know I wouldn't buy this for my child."

The only warning on the package is a sticker recommending it for children ages three and older.  No mention of controversial lyrics is made.

"It looks to me like it's made by some form of Wal-Mart," said parent Amy Wasilewski. "It's marketed by Wal-Mart, so shame on them."

Late Monday, a Wal-Mart spokesperson said the sale of Frogz is not meant to be offensive, and that Wal-mart partnered with its supplier to ensure Frogz content is edited to reflect radio versions of song selections.