Big city crime hits Memphis suburb

Collierville Police have issued 68 arrest warrants for suspected drug dealers.

These arrests were the result of a four month undercover operation, part of this town's crime crackdown called Operation PADLOC.  25 alleged dealers were arrested Friday and charged with possessing or selling drugs.

"Everything from marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD," said Captain Tommy McCaskill of Collierville Police.

Big city narcotics now making their way onto the quaint and quiet streets of Collierville.

"It's not running rampant, but we have 43,000 people and with 43,000 residents not counting people who work here, it's going to happen," Capt. McCaskill said.

It's happening in the place that many people moved to to get away from crime.

"I don't like it, of course you don't want to hear anything like that's going on," said concerned resident Cherie Sharp.

Others, like life long resident Clifford Dorse said they're not surprised.

"Because that's something that's happening everywhere I believe...nothing to be surprised about, it's happening all over, why not Collierville?" Dorse asked.

Not Collierville is the message police want to send to criminals.

"We may not stop it but we can deter it a little bit,  we can make it not worth their while to deal drugs in Collierville," McCaskill said.

6 juveniles were also arrested as part of the round-up.  Most suspects are still being held at the Shelby County jail tonight with bonds ranging from $40,000 to $750,000.  Police say more arrests are likely.