FedExForum consultant lands multi-million dollar deal for new arena

GarageGate has already cost Memphis taxpayers millions.  Now, the FedExForum's consultant is set to make millions on a brand new arena deal.

When arena authority officials in Louisville asked consultant PC Sports about the Memphis scandal known as GarageGate, PC Sports told them they had nothing to do with it, despite the fact that they are all over meeting minutes where the issue was discussed.  And they landed a three and a half million dollar deal in the process.

For more than three years, Shelby County leaders complained that PC Sports - and its lead FedExForum consultant John Hilkene - was slow to answer their questions about the largest public works project in County history.

"We should have access to that information. That is a problem," said County Commissioner Julian Bolton in 2003.

Hilkene's company made more than $3 million off FedExForum and has been regularly mentioned among questions about the growing scandal now known as GarageGate.

Now, Hilkene and PC Sports are on board for another major arena project, this time in Louisville.  The contract will pay them 3.6 million.  PC Sports told this group they had nothing to do with the FedExForum garage.

"It is our understanding that they were not a part of negotiating with the parking garage.  They didn't have oversight of that," said Chris Gilligan, spokesman for the Louisville Arena Authority.

That group is happy with that explanation.  But Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone is not.  "PC Sports is a part of the committee... A higher part of the committee... That built the FedExForum," she said.

Malone says PC Sports is not yet free from blame.  "It's my understanding that somebody from PC Sports was at the table every step of the way helping with the decision-making process.  So they should not be exempt at all."

That may not happen until the FBI wraps up its probe.

Again, the FBI and TBI looking into this as well as the City Council and County Commission.  No one has been indicted and no formal charges have been filed.   These investigations are very much ongoing.

As far as PC Sports is concerned, all we know is what they told the arena authority in Louisville.  Action News Five tried reaching the company by phone and email but haven't heard back yet.  When we do hear from them, we'll report their comments.