Early afternoon stand-off ends without incident

A stand-off Wednesday afternoon in a Memphis apartment complex ended peacefully.

As Memphis Police swarmed through the Barron Brook Apartments, all residents could to was stand and watch.
"It's scary, but over here it happens often," said resident Teco Cohen.
Investigators said that early Wednesday morning, a suspected burglar and his victim got into a fight.  The suspect allegedly pulled a gun, went inside the apartment, and barricaded himself inside with four adults and a baby.

"He did say it was some kind of rifle, or some sort of shotgun," said Sgt. Joe Griffin of the Memphis Police Department. "We know the guy did pull a weapon on him."

The suspect let the adults go first, and then the baby.  After all the residents were out of harm's way, and officers were in place, police started negotiating.

"Two minutes into the negotiations, the young may came out on his own," Griffin said. "The house is safe. Everyone is safe."
While the standoff ended peacefully, resident Rashon Wallace worried about the safety of his children.  "This kind of stuff, we're used to it," he said, adding he tries to keep his family in the house.  Wallace said after today's standoff, he was ready to move.

Officials said police are questioning some of the adults that were in the apartment.  The suspect was taken into custody, but police did not say what charges he will face.