Commissioners take blame in Garage Gate

At least two Shelby County Commissioners are willing to lay some of the blame for the FedExForum debacle at their own feet.

"I think in this case, perhaps there was too much trust and not enough verification along the way," says Commissioner Bruce Thompson.

Along the way, corners were cut.  FedExForum did not get built the way it was supposed to be.  A bus terminal is the main thing missing.

"Future commissioners, mayors, councilmen:  watch out for these kinds of fishhooks that will come back and bite you later," warns Commissioner John Willingham.

The Commission is among several entities currently investigating what went wrong, who knew about it, and when?  We got our hands on this copy of yet another time-line that aims to fill in the gaps.

"Somewhere along the way, some folks decided that the end justified the means," says Thompson.

Commissioners believe John Hilkene may be among those folks.  His PC Sports made more than $3 million consulting on the project.  Now, Hilkene and company have gotten a similar contract to consult on an arena project in Louisville.  The county attorney says they have not yet been cleared of any responsibility in Memphis.

"I think they should pay attention to what happened here and the results of the investigation," says Thompson.

It's an investigation into a foul-up that might not be cleared up for a long time.

Action News 5 finally got someone from PC Sports on the phone today who offered no comment.  But John Hilkene told a Louisville newspaper they had quote "nothing to do" with how the garage was built.  Obviously, commissioners are not convinced.