Diebold says voting machines are ready for Thursday's election - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Bill Lunn

Diebold says voting machines are ready for Thursday's election

Election Workers hauled equipment and supplies from the Shelby County Election Commission Operations Center to cars of waiting election workers Wednesday.  Among those things being picked up were brand new Diebold Election Machines.

The machines seemed to pass the test in Shelby County during early voting, but nationwide, and even here in the Mid-South, Diebold's reputation has been called into question. 

David Bear, spokesperson for Diebold, said the machines are reliable.  "They are a proven technology," he said.  "They've been used all across the country.  The technology has been used for 10 or 15 years, and is proven to be much more accessible for people with special needs."

A video posted Tuesday on HuffingtonPost.com demonstrated for viewers an alleged way to "hack into" a Diebold voting machine.  Bear said Diebold's machines are tamperproof.  "Those are 'what-if' scenarios," he said.  "The system is incorporated with security measures that are safe, secure, and accurate."

Bear pointed out external security points on Diebold voting machines, like specifically numbered seals.  There are also three internal points within the voting machine where votes are recorded.  He said despite a long ballot, the Diebold machines are ready for Thursday's election.

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