Action News Five goes one-on-on with Judge Joe Dailey

A police officer literally dodged bullets this week as armour-piercing rounds pummeled his cruiser.
Cops caught the gunmen..who may end up in the very courtroom Joe Dailey retires from this month:.
Judge Dailey says, "...The idea that the community is unable to come up with a raise for these police officers who are literally putting their lives on the line everyday is an astounding fact to me."

Paying police more is just one piece of the crime puzzle in this judge's eyes.
Dailey says another is overcoming our lack of two parent households.

Dailey continues, "...Virtually every young man that comes through my court does not have the benefit of being raised in a two parent home."

The judge says the explosive growth of gangs, the proliferation of hand guns and Memphis' never ending struggle with teen pregnancy all play a role in our current crime crisis.

"It's going to take a monumental effort to stem the tide," says Dailey.

On the eve of the election that will put a new person in Dailey's seat, the judge says voters should forget partisan politics in judicial races and seek characteristics of a high quality jurist.

Dailey says, "... Their honesty, their willingness to work, their knowledge of the law, their willingness to follow the law. Those are the kinds of things voters should look at. Partisan politics should have nothing to do with it at all."

Dailey's sons will have more time to fish with their Dad soon.
The judge and his wife plan to travel this year.
Then, he plans to teach at the U-of-M law school where he can share the wisdom of experience after nearly a quarter century on the bench.