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Get on board with safety

Injuries...especially injuries at home...are a leading cause of death in children. That's why LeBonheur Children's Medical Center is encouraging the entire Mid-South to get on board with safety.

New mom and action news 5 veteran Kym Clark recently welcomed a team from LeBonheur into her home to test its child readiness.

Susan Helms did a walk through and found a few problems. Problems that included a heating vent close to the play area. "The floor vent you mentioned was going to be for heat and air?" Helms asked. "They can get really, really hot with heat so a burning opportunity is there."

Helms asked about fire detectors, and Kym was covered. But she was lacking when it came to carbon monoxide detectors. Helms says the Safe Kids coalition recommends everyone have a CO detector installed.

Some area did pass the safety inspection. Helms praised Kym for choosing curtain without strings, and covering her electrical outlets.

Helms says the whole goal behind the "Get on Board with Safety" program is educating parents so children stay out of harm's while they grow up.

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