NAACP investigates claims of voter intimidation

Working on behalf of the NAACP, attorney Van Turner was sent to Sherwood Elementary Thursday to investigate claims of voter intimidation.

"Disabled voters who were attempting to vote, were not getting the proper assistance," he said.  Turner also noted a problem with a person who may have been at the wrong precinct.

"A potential voter did not get a provisional ballot like she should have," Turner said, "and was denied her right to cast her vote."
Turner turned up at Sherwood to make sure poll workers understood Tennessee Election law.  Station officials told Turned they had done everything correctly, but he wasn't convinced.

"It's a very serious allegation," he said. "That's why the NAACP was contacted, and that's why they sent out attorneys."
According to Turner, both issues were resolved, and the people who had trouble, were able to cast their ballots.  Turner said if an allegation of intimidation is not resolved, the NAACP will ask for federal help.

"If the problem is serious enough we will contact the Department of Justice and make sure a proper investigation takes place, and pursue it to the end," he said. "We want to make sure every person who wants to vote to be given their right to vote."