Voter Task Force keeps tabs on election

There was no voting Thursday at Memphis Fire Station #6.  This former polling site was abandoned thanks to voter fraud during a past election.  Problems that occurred there are the kind a Voter Trust Task Force was on standby to handle this time around.

"Instead of waiting for an investigation to take a few weeks after the fact, we just wanted to have a quick response to anything that might come up," says spokesperson Jennifer Donnals with the Shelby County DA's Office.

The District Attorney, TBI, and the county attorney make up the task force.

"And these three agencies together are at the call of the election commission," says Donnals.

Their job is to look into anything that might be considered improper or criminal at the polls.

"I think they're afraid we might vote somebody who is slightly dead," says poll worker Bill Mitchell.

He's being flip.  Actually, he believes this could be one of the cleanest elections ever.

"Because everybody's watching," says Mitchell.

That seems to get everybody's vote.

"I hope there's nothing that's going to go wrong," says one voter.

Unfortunately, that sometimes takes days or even weeks to determine.

Members of the new task force were not the only ones keeping tabs on the election.  Officials with the Department of Justice also visited polling sites.