Memphis police officer attacked; Suspect on the loose

A Memphis police officer was attacked Friday morning at a gas station at Tulane and Shelby Drive  According to police, the suspect hit the officer, grabbed his gun, and fled in his squad car.

While the officer tried to take one of the men into custody, the other jumped the officer, and "stunned him, took him to the ground, and grabbed his weapon," said Memphis Police Lt. James Grigsby.

Grigsby said the man then jumped into the officer's squad car, which was still running, and fired a shot at the officer.  The officer was not hurt, and called for help.  Police chased the man, mindful of the fact he could hear their transmissions over police radio.

"We'll try to move to other frequencies, or do other types of things," Grigsby said. "We keep conversations to a minimum because yes, they can listen."

Police found the stolen cruiser several miles away from the gas station.  The officer's service weapon and handcuffs have not yet been found, and the suspects are still at large.  If you have any information that can aid police in this case, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.

The Memphis Police Department has not yet identified the officer involved in the incident.