Horrific discovery in Northaven neighborhood

The remains of a baby were found Friday morning in the Memphis community of Northaven.

A neighbor living beside a home on Carterville Place noticed her dog had drug something onto her driveway. Upon inspection, the neighbor realized her dog had found the upper torso of a human baby.

Shelby County Sheriff's Department Emergency Service Volunteers, along with specifically trained dogs that detect human flesh, were called to the scene to search for additional remains. Search dogs found a trash bag in a wooded area behind a nearby house that investigators believe contained the baby.

After questioning residents of that house, Sierra Williams, 20, admitted to giving birth to a stillborn baby on July 21. Deputies said they believed her neighbor's dog, a four month old pit bull, found the bag containing the baby and drug it to the driveway of their home.

Officials said the Shelby County Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy on the infants remains to determine the exact age and cause of the baby's death.

Williams has been charged with reckless homicide and is currently incarcerated at Jail East.