Police investigate overzealous officer

Lieutenant Charles Cox did answer the door when we came calling.  But he was not interested in discussing in detail allegations of being overzealous while off duty at the Express Oil Change on Riverdale.

"At this point, I've just been advised not to make any statements," said Cox.

A run-in with the manager of the store put Cox on paid leave.

He's accused of stepping over the line during a disagreement over the price of a oil change.  Rob Parker told us Cox held him at gunpoint for 20 minutes until deputies arrived.

"As bad as this situation has developed, I'd rather it not have happened," Cox said.

We wanted to know if Cox has a history of violence.  A disciplinary chart was pretty confusing.  We had to decifer some of the lingo, but determined Lt. Cox has been written up for violating departmental rules 25 times since 1987.  Some were unsubstantiated or dropped.  But others were not, including a suspension for using unnecessary force.

"Should he be on the force with that kind of record," Reporter Jason Miles asked MPD Spokesman Joe Griffin.

"At this time, I can't make a comment on that," Sgt. Griffin replied.

Griffin said he couldn't elaborate on Cox's past or current predicaments.

"The investigational services are investigating this situation," said Griffin.

Lieutenant Cox will likely remain off the beat until that investigation is complete.

Cox actually issued the oil change manager a citation during their argument.  Cox claims the manager was the aggressor.  Meanwhile, Action News 5 has learned that deputies have been called to Cox's house twice in the last year for domestic violence.