Pundits say Ford could swing the vote in the District 9 congressional race

With Thursday's primary election over, the real battle for Tennessee's District 9 congressional seat is about to begin, and a member of the Ford family could change the dynamics in the race.

It will be a three-way battle between Democrat Steve Cohen, Republican Mark White, and the candidate who could have a huge impact on the outcome, Independent Jake Ford.

Ford, the son and brother of a congressman, is seen by many as a very stong candidate.

Friday, White told Action News 5 that Ford has some heavy political help, and acknowledged that having Ford in the race could help his campaign.

"That's a real possibility, but we don't know," he said. "We're going after the entire community with our message, and hopefully we'll take away as many votes as anyone else."

Many political pundits believe if the independent Ford helps White, his campaign can only take votes away from Steve Cohen.  Friday, Cohen was not convinced.

"I suspect it could syphon off a few ethnocentric votes, a few loyalist Ford family votes away from democrats, but not many," Cohen said.

Jake Ford is probably most remembered, not for blazing the campaign trail, for trying to help his brother Issac launch a professional wrestling career in 2004.  Ford's campaign website features a montage of photographs showing Ford with various politicians, but it doesn't outline his stance on any issues.

While Cohan and White may not use any campaign time to attack him, pundits say Ford's biggest problem could be independent bloggers questioning his credentials.