Analysts react to Thursday election

As results rolled looked like three incumbent Republican Shelby County court clerks were on their way out.

Then, the final numbers...and a growing possibility of candidates contesting the results.

Democratic party official David Upton says, "I think everyone was surprised at how quickly their leads were diminished."

Four to five thousand vote leads turned into razor thin defeats.

In the Criminal Court Clerk's race democrat Vernon Johnson lost to incumbent republican Bill Key by just 621 votes.
Democrat Sandra Becton lost her bid for Probate Court Clerk to republican Chris Thomas by just 445 Votes.
In the Juvenile Court Clerk's race -- the county's closest -- democrat Shep Wilbun came up short by a mere 340 votes...leaving democratic candidates and strategists wondering what happened.

Political analyst Mike Nelson says, "They're just perplexed."

Nelson says it's likely democrats will contest the races, since candidates who run for seemingly obscure local offices have a lot at stake.

"They may want to run for higher office and they need this as kind of a credential," continues Nelson.

And Nelson says every rung up the Shelby County political latter means a better shot at shaping the Mid-South's political future.
Top county democrats say their only concern is making sure every vote gets counted.