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Plant manager talks about the explosion only on Action News 5

Pro-Serve Plant Manager Albert Eli was on the grounds during the explosion that shook the Whitehaven community Friday afternoon.

"I was having a meeting with my plant engineer and I heard something like thunder," he said.

Eli says they heard a second explosion and rushed employees off the grounds. He says the day the explosion happened, and where it happened may have spared lives.

"We only had four people working. We work Monday through Thursday."

He says it's unclear how this all happened and he doesn't know what made the plant blow up.

On Saturday, Eli gathered files to keep up with work and protect records from getting destroyed during the cleanup and investigation. He hopes the operation will resume once emergency crews clear the site of danger and investigators learn what they need to determine what ignited the explosion. Eli says he hopes the 25-year-old company and its employees can continue, knowing that everyone made it out alright. He says he feels for his workers.

"I do feel for them. I mean, we try to take care of our people," he said.

But it could be days, even months before it's back to business for Pro-Serve.

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