Residents tell takes of luck and heartache after Monday apartment fire

Residents of the Clearbrook Apartments picked up the pieces Monday afternoon after eight units were destroyed in a two-alarm fire.

From the parking lot in front of his burned out apartment, Hermon Scott tried to hold his emotion back as he slowly realized the fire had destroyed his unit. "Everything I own, except what I got on right now," he said.

Scott and his wife were not home when the blaze broke out. Several of his neighbors were injured when they jumped from the second floor to escape the flames.

Resident Surtina Alexander said she had recently moved from the building that burned Monday to another. She said she felt bad for those who lost everything, but was relieved it wasn't her.

"There are people that are homeless," she said, "and we could have been those people. We could have easily been those people."

As for Scott, as if losing all of his material possessions wasn't bad enough, he believed his puppy, Spanky, died in the fire.

"My little puppy," he said. "I had just got my little puppy, and he got messed up too."

Scott said all he and his neighbors could do now was pray. Many expressed relief that the fire broke out when most residents were at work, saying had the fire happened at night, there could have been many more injuries.

Officials have not yet released a cause for Monday's fire.