New security device leaves intruders in the Fog

Smoke poured from a strip mall storefront on Highway 51 in Horn Lake Monday afternoon, but it wasn't a fire.   Instead, it was a demonstration on a new twist in burglar alarms: the Fog security system.

The makers of the Fog say it will fill a small business in about 12 seconds, preventing a burglar or anyone from seeing anything of value inside.  The Fog can be set to be triggered when a store's security alarm goes off.

Makers of the device say it won't damage anything inside, blanketing everything from view.

Protech's Joey Likehart said he hasn't sold one of the new systems yet, but the Fog has been proven to be effective. In other parts of the country, he said, anyone with one of these machines hasn't lost a thing.

"You bust that window, you open that front door, and that stuff comes at you," he said. "You're probably gonna turn around and leave."
Horn Lake fire and police commanders watched Monday's demonstration.

"I think it could cause some surprise on somebody," said Captain Shannon Bashears of the Horn Lake Police Department. "Anything of course that will prevent someone from taking things of value out of your home or business is a good thing."

To see an online demonstration of the device, click here.