Dyersburg police investigate weekend party

Dyersburg police say three Mid-South teens drank enough alcohol to put them in the hospital!
Three 13 and 14-year-olds were released from LeBohneur Monday after what appears to be a wild weekend party.

17-year-old Siedah Campbell says she was invited to the back-to-school party Saturday.

"I'm not part of that type of scene, so I didn't go," she said.
Campbell says she heard alcohol would be there.

"I heard there would be booze and there would be weed and maybe some pills," she added.

She says she's glad she didn't go, after learning police found her 14-year-old friend collapsed on Campbell's own street late Saturday morning.

"Determined, through their investigation, the youth had just left a party nearby and apparently, alcohol was a factor," explained Dyersburg Police Lieutenant Steve Isbell.
While searching for the location of the party, police found a second sick teen passed out on a couch at a home nearby and a third had gone to the hospital by car.

Helicopters rushed all three to Memphis.

"For three children to be taken by chopper to LeBohneur is a pretty serious situation," said the Lieutenant.

However, underage drinking is not uncommon to the area.

Dyer County Juvenile Court records reveal the county averages about three to four underage drinking cases per week.

"Everything looks so wholesome, everybody's so friendly and when you hear this happening, it's like well, there's another Dyersburg I'm not seeing," said Campbell's father, Kenneth.

He calls the situation a wakeup call to always keep lines of communication open with his daughters.
Police haven't been able to get information from the teens yet since they've been sick.

They're trying to confirm if anything other than alcohol was present at the party and how the teens obtained the alcohol.