Police say burned body cases may be gang related

Stuffed animals line the dirty burnt earth.

By now, they're stale reminders that something horrible happened here.

And while police bring charges against the suspects in a heinous crime, residents are still trying to stand up straight.

Joseph Jenkins has lived here for 28 years.

Jenkins says, "I always watch my back... You know, wherever I go."

More now than ever...

Police say 15 year old Phylicia Kelly and a 21 year-old man were shot to death and dumped here in a burning pickup truck.

It gets worse.  Police say they likely knew their killers.

Police say the homicides discovered here are the latest work of likely gang members.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with Memphis Police says, "There are some things about this case that speak to us about gang hit, gang involvement."

Not the way they died - says Seargent Vince Higgins - but the people who they believed killed them.  They're tied to previous gang events.

Joseph Jenkins - who lives just across the street here - says he tries to tune it out, but he knows the gang presence is growing.

Jenkins continues, "Well, they say there are a lot of gangs in the Frayser area.  There are gangs all over the City."

The good news here - the news that may help Jenkins sleep tonight - is that police believe they've caught their suspects.