Area construction site causes concern

Students at First Class Montessori School in Midtown spend their entire day inside because the air outside is too dirty.

Evelyn Hibbler, school director says "There's some with asthma and respiratory problems and we don't want to make the problem worse."

The school's director says the problem comes from the construction site behind the school.
Action News Five watched as heavy equipment working on Central High School's new stadium sent dust clouds into the air, and onto nearby businesses and First Class Montessori's playground.

The school's director tells us her staff was out here power washing the play ground just a couple days ago, but take a look, the toys are already covered in a good layer of dirt.

The owner of the restaurant next door says her staff also spends hours wiping down layer after layer of dirt.

Hibbler continues, "It was like being in a dust storm."

She says the dust storms have chased away customers from the normally packed patio.

Molly Smith, restaurant owner says, "I'm not trying to put a damper on anyone's progress, it's just that I have to run a business as well."

We took the business owners concerns to Memphis City Schools which told us they didn't know about the problem until we told them.

Renee Malone with Memphis City Schools says, "Memphis City Schools will be more than glad to sit down and talk with businesses who are complaining of this situation and figure out if there's anything we can do to assist."

It's welcome news for weary business owners weathering one dust storm after another.