Child dies after being left in hot car in Lauderdale County

As temperatures soared to near 100 degrees outside, 15 month old Hunter Hicks succumbed to the extreme heat while strapped to his car seat inside a pickup truck.

Jerry Mitchell with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's department says, "I've never had anything bother me as much as this one has.  As many cases as I've worked with the Sheriff's department doing different stuff since I've been here.  I mean it's bad."

Investigators say Kimberly Hicks left her son inside the truck while she visited a friend on Craig Road outside Ripley.

Investigators say Hicks told them she'd come to this house with her son to return borrowed computer software.  She said she only ran inside the house for 10 to 15 minutes, but when she came back to her truck she noticed her son wasn't breathing."

The Sheriff's department says Hicks left the truck on with the air conditioner running, but the AC malfunctioned..
They said Hicks tried to revive her son, but Hunter died by the time the ambulance showed up.
A representative from Hicks' attorney's office spoke on the family's behalf.

Jerry Miller, Hicks' attorney, says, "Everybody's just in shock.  You've got to understand that three hours ago they had a grandchild, 15 months old, and now they have a funeral to arrange."

Kimberly Hicks has to arrange a defense.  She's locked up at the Lauderdale County jail charged with reckless homicide.