Mary Winkler to be released on bail

Just hours after a Wednesday morning court appearance, the process to post Mary Winkler's bond was set into motion.

Winkler attorney Steve Farese says, "We got together with a bondsmen and were able to negotiate with him something that the family could do."

Bail bondsman Tyrone Byrd says, "I'm putting up 750,000 in bail, I've been doing this about 30 years."

But just moments after Mary Winkler's legal dream team and her father went inside to set her free, they exited the jail...without her. 
Byrd continues, "The judge wants to make sure that one of the administrators looks over all the paperwork that we've been working on this afternoon to make sure all the "I's" are dotted and the "T's" are crossed."

Winkler friend Dorothy Weatherford says, "Well I came down I thought I was going to get to hug her that she was going to be leaving."

If all goes well on Thursday, Winkler will live in McMinnville Tennessee with a friend from the church where her late husband Matthew once served as a youth counselor.

Winkler attorney Leslie Ballin says, "It is our hope that she'll begin work soon in McMinnville at a dry cleaners."

So far no arrangements have been made for Winkler to have routine visits with her children.  That's one of many concerns she expressed about life outside the McNairy County Jail.

Ballin continues, "Everybody's going to want to interview me from Katie Couric to Larry King.  I want to reestablish a relationship, so she's got a lot of hills to climb when she gets out."

But first she has to GET out...a process that begins again...first thing Thursday morning.