Fire department experts comment on state Move Over Law

Emergency crews riding code are a common sight on the streets of Memphis.  Do you know what to do?

"You should try and pull over--get over to the side," says one driver.

"I pull over and stop--that's what I'm supposed to do," says another.

It's a lesson many mid-south drivers have not learned.  Video obtained by Action News 5 proves it.  You can clearly see one driver cutting off a fire-truck on its way to a blaze.  This dashboard view provides a glimpse of the bad drivers crews encounter.

"It can jeopardize our safety and theirs," says Memphis Fire Chief Richard Arwood.

He has seen it a hundred times.

"This vehicle makes just and incorrect decision," Arwood says while watching the video.  "He could have easily pulled behind that tractor trailer truck," he adds.

The video also includes commentary about what drivers do wrong.  Turns out, the video was shot by a fire department employee who heard horror stories of bad drivers.  It is now being used to train new recruits, or warn them about the dangers they are sure to encounter.

"The basic rule is make sure you give us clearance and go to the right if at all possible," says Arwood.

Obviously, that is not always easy, especially when there is more than one lane.  This video proves how important clearing the way can be.

Here's more information about Tennessee's Move Over Law..
-It requires you to move to the right when approached by an emergency vehicle from behind or in front.
-On the interstate, try to leave one lane open between you and the emergency vehicle, if possible
-The bottom line is, do what you can to make room.